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Еда — дело одновременно обыденное и тонкое. Как и все обыденное, она часто сталкивается с недостатком внимания или перекосами. На ходу, не отрываясь от ноутбука, не читая состав на упаковке. Как и все тонкое, она раскрывает свою красоту только ценителям.

Ural airlines magazine 1 январь-февраль Less. RU ДО Пусть пройдет на высоте и с красотой!

By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. To browse Academia. This study seeks to identify modern structures around the world that used bamboo as a structural element in its construction process, all in order to visualize the use of plants such as bamboo in sustainable construction, encouraging civil engineers, architects and students to carry out projects with greater environmental sensitivity. Bamboo as a building material is an environmental advantage, as we replace steel and concrete materials with a high energy cost with a renewable and sustainable material, which is an excellent fixative of atmospheric carbon, helping to mitigate.

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